Floor Plans

Tipi Functions


Spacious and flexible our GIANT tipis can be used individually or together to cater for events of any size.

Our carefully created floor plans offer you the maximum space or intimate feel you need for your next event. Tipis stand at 7.4m high when pitched- a spectacular sight for any event.


Single Tipi 

Capacity:   Standing- 120 Guests   /  Seated- 72 with tables of 8
Dimensions:   13m x 13m

Double Tipi 

Capacity:   Standing- 200 Guests   /  Seated- 120
Dimensions:   11m x 20.4m

Triple Tipi 

Capacity:   Standing- 300 Guests   /  Seated- 160
Dimensions:   12m x 30m*


Wandering Events are conscious in leaving minimal impact of the environment and we take extra measures when working with the elements to ensure your Tipi event is safe and secure.


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